Invited speakers and lecture's themes

  1. V.G. Dubrovskii "III-V nanowires enabling monolythic integration of optical nanostructures with silicon".
  2. Davor Pavuna "Electric Field Effect and Superconductivity in Quasi-two-dimensional Nanostructures"
  3. D.B. Migas "Structural, electronic and optical properties of TiO2 nanowires and nanotubes".
  4. H. Tatsuoka "Syntheses and structural control of silicide, oxide and metallic nano-structured materials".
  5. V.G. Zavodinsky "Quantum-mechanical modeling without Schrodinger and Kohn-Sham equations".
  6. M. Imai "Basic properties of alkaline-earth disilicides and related materials".
  7. S.A. Gavrilov "Technology of nanocrystalline oxides for energy harvesting devices".
  8. G. Shao "Application of multi-scale modeling to cost-effective development of novel materials".
  9. Y. Maeda "Ion beam anaysis of Fe-based Heusler alloys/Ge hetero-epitaxial interfaces toward spin transistors"
  10. T. Suemasu "Present status for Si-based high-efficiency thin-film solar cells using semiconducting silicide BaSi2: formation of a pn junction".
  11. A.V. Vakhrushev "Molecular modeling of semiconductor nanostructures".
  12. E.A. Vinogradov "Polaritons: research and applications"
  13. V.U. Nazarov"Scattering resonances in two-dimensional crystals with application to graphene"
  14. Yun Gao "Enhance the hydrogen sensitivity of perpendicular oriented TiO2 films via hydrothermal method"
  15. K.-W. Lin "The structural, microstructural, and magnetic characterization of ion-beam bombarded Si-oxide/Fe bilayers".
  16. S. Hasegawa "Surface Nanomaterials for Sustainable Growth - Superconducting and Spin-split Surface States".
  17. G. Sek "Optical properties of quantum dashes"
  18. Z. Remes "The optical spectra of a-Si:H and a-SiC:H thin films measured by the absolute photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS)".
  19. T.S. Shamirzaev "Spin relaxation of negatively charged trions in (In,Al)As/AlAs quantum dots".
  20. S.M. Shivaprasad "Nano-manifestations of Gallium Nitride grown by MBE".
  21. V.I. Ryzhii "Graphene-based infrared and terahertz detectors: Concepts, features, and comparison".
  22. Andrei Chuvilin "Application of low voltage Cs-corrected TEM for nanocarbon materials"
  23. S.P. Timoshenkov "Developed design and manufacturing technology in some MEMS application"