Fourth Asian School-Conference
on Physics and Technology
of Nanostructured Materials
(September 24-27, 2018)
Vladivostok, Russia




Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation and Control Processes of Far Eastern Branch of RAS
and Far Eastern Federal University


Professor Nikolay GALKIN (Far Eastern Federal University and Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS Vladivostok, Russia)


Academician, professor Yuri KULCHIN Vice-President Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Director of Institute of Automation and Control Processes of FEB RAS Vladivostok, Russia

Academician, professor Valentin SERGIENKO President Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Director of Institute of Chemistry of FEB RAS Vladivostok, Russia


Corr. Memb. RAS A.A. Saranin (Vladivostok, Russia) - chair

Prof. E. Arushanov (Chisinau, Moldova)

Prof. R.M. Bayazitov (Kazan', Russia)

Prof. Bakhtizin R.Z. (Ufa, Russia)

Prof. V.E. Borisenko (Minsk, Belarus)

Prof. L.A. Chebotkevich (Vladivostok, Russia)

Prof. A. Chuvilin (San Sebastian, Spain)

Academician A.V. Latyshev (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Prof. V.G. Dubrovskii (S.-Petersburg, Russia)

Prof. A.V. Filimonov (S.-Petersburg, Russia)

Prof. Y. Gao (Wuhan, China)

Prof. N.V. Gaponenko (Minsk, Belarus)

Prof. S.A. Gavrilov (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. S.V. Gnedenkov (Vladivostok, Russia)

Prof. D.G. Gromov (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. S. Hasegawa (Tokyo, Japan)

Prof. M. Imai (Tsukuba, Japan)

Corr.-member NANB F.F.Komarov (Minsk, Belarus)

Prof. Y.K. Kim (Seoul, Korea)

Prof. V.V. Khovaylo (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. V.V. Korobtsov (Vladivostok, Russia)

Academician G.Y. Krasnikov (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. R. Kudrawiec (Wroclaw, Poland)

Academician Yu.A. Chaplygin (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. Y. Maeda (Kyoto, Japan)

Prof. M.M. Mikhailov (Tomsk, Russia)

Prof. A.A. Naberezhnov (S.-Petersburg, Russia)

Prof. V.U. Nazarov (Taipei, Taiwan)

Prof. S.G. Ovchinnikov (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Prof. D. Pavuna (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Prof. B. Pecz (Budapest, Hungary)

Prof. V.S. Plotnikov (Vladivostok, Russia)

Prof. O.P. Pchelyakov (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Prof. N.I. Plusnin (Vladivostok, Russia)

Prof. T.S. Shamirzaev (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Prof. G. Shao (Bolton, UK)

Prof. A.A. Shklyaev (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Prof. S.M. Shivaprasad (Bangalore, India)

Prof. A.L. Stepanov (Kazan, Russia)

Prof. T. Suemasu (Tsukuba, Japan)

Prof. H. Tatsuoka (Hamamatsu, Japan)

Prof. Y. Terai (Kyushu, Japan)

Prof. S.P. Timoshenkov (Moscow, Russia)

Prof. S.B. Vakhrushev (S-Petersburg, Russia)

Corr. Memb. RAS E.A. Vinogradov (Troitsk, Russia)

Prof. O.B. Vitrik (Vladivostok, Russia)

Prof. A. Zagoskin (London, UK)

Prof. A.V. Zotov (Vladivostok, Russia)


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