Fourth Asian School-Conference
on Physics and Technology
of Nanostructured Materials
(September 23-28, 2018)
Vladivostok, Russia




Dr. Sci., Professor N.G. Galkin(Far Eastern Federal University and Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS Vladivostok, Russia) - chair

PhD., S.V. Chusovitina (Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS) – secretary (E-mail:

Mr. I.M. Chernev (IACP FEB RAS)

PhD., E.A. Chusovitin (IACP FEB RAS)

PhD., K.N. Galkin (IACP FEB RAS)

PhD., A.N. Galkina (IACP FEB RAS)

Dr. Sci., K.S. Golokhvast (FEFU)

Dr. Sci. D.L. Goroshko (FEFU and IACP FEB RAS)

PhD., K.V. Ignatovich (IACP FEB RAS)

Prof. G.A. Kabatyansky (Skoltech, Moscow)

Dr. Sci., A.V. Ognev (FEFU)

Dr. Sci. N.I. Plusnin (IACP FEB RAS)

PhD., A.S. Samardak (FEFU)

Prof. A.V. Shipulin (Skoltech, Moscow)

Mr., A.V. Shevlyagin (IACP FEB RAS)

Mr., E.Yu. Subbotin (IACP FEB RAS) )

Mr. I.V. Zemchenko (FEFU)


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