Invited speakers and lecture's themes

  1. Zdenek Remes "New optoelectronical nanostructures embedded in hydrogenated amorphous silicon ".
  2. Alexander Shklyaev "GeSi layers prepared on Si at high temperatures"
  3. Laszlo Forro "Physics and Application of Photovoltaic Perovskite Nanowires"
  4. Vladimir Nazarov "Electronic excitations in quasi two-dimensional material"
  5. Sergey Vakhrushev "Nanostructured and nanocomposite ferroelectrics"
  6. Timur Shamirzaev "Neutral excitons spin relaxation in indirect band gap heterostructures with type I band alignment"
  7. Ernest Arushanov "Transport and optical properties of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4"
  8. Yun Gao "High-efficiency amorphous silicon solar cells fabricated by PECVD methold"
  9. Shivaprasad Sonnada Math "Multi-functional manifestations of III-nitride nanostructures and films"
  10. Laszlo Dozsa "Structural, microscopic, and electronic transport properties of Mg2Si-Mg2Sn alloy heterostructures on silicon"
  11. Dmitri Migas "Role of morphology on electronic properties of III-V nanowires"
  12. Andrey Chuvilin "Optical, ion and electron microscopies - a synergy of combined application"
  13. Hirokazu Tatsuoka "Structural control of Si based nano structures by catalyst design"
  14. Guosheng Shao "Sustainable materials for large area photonic applications by Design: theoretical modeling and experimental exploitation"
  15. Yoshikazu TERAI "Modulation spectroscopy of iron silicides"
  16. Rustem Bayazitov "Formation of strained and highly-doped Ge layers for silicon optoelectronics"
  17. Sergey Kudryashov "Ablative nanofabrication with femtosecond lasers"
  18. Sergei Ovchinnikov "Structure and Composition of Fe-Si interfaces in (Fe/Si)3 multilayer nanostructures"
  19. Takashi Suemasu "Present status towards BaSi2 thin-film solar cells"
  20. Sergey Gavrilov "Study of the properties and formation mechanisms of nanostructured functional materials"
  21. Alexander Gorbatsevich "Broken symmetries in semiconductor nanoheterostructure based open quantum systems"