Technical areas

  1. Atomic-scale controlled surfaces/interfaces and nanostructure self organization
  2. Semiconducting nanoheterostructures: growth, structure and characterization
  3. Nanosilicides and bulk silicides: synthesis and characterization
  4. Carbon based nanomaterials: technology, structure and characterization
  5. First principal calculations and molecular modeling of nanostructures
  6. Formation and properties of ferromagnetic, thermoelectric and ferroelectric materials and nanosystems
  7. Optical materials, nonlinear optical mediums and laser metrology
  8. Nanostructured coatings: formation technology and properties
  9. Nanocomposites and functional hybrid materials: formation technology, structure and characterization
  10. Biohibrids and biomaterials: biomimetic materials, biomineralisation, and biosystems
  11. Nanodevices and sensors for photonics, optoelectronics and electromechanics