Sixth Asian School-Conference on Physics and Technology of Nanostructured Materials

Plenary speakers (40 min)

1. Hasegawa S. - Two-dimensional atomic-layer materials

2. Dvurechenskii A.V. - Collective effects in Si based quantum dot nanomaterials to tune functionality of nano nanoelectronic and nanophotonic components

3. Sidorenko A.S. - Topological features of quantum magnetotransport in Bi1-xSbx (0 < x < 0.2) bicrystals

4. Pecz B. - Two dimensional semiconductors (graphene on a SiC and MoS2 layers))

5. Pavuna D. - Physics of artificial nanostructures and interfaces: The self-organization processes and quantum functionality

6. Suemasu T. - Formation of high-photoresponsivity BaSi2 films on glass substrate by sputtering for thin-film solar cell applications

7. Nakamura Y. - Nanostructure design for thermoelectrics

8. Varnakov S.N. - New ternary magnetic films of MAX phases

9. Bogdanov A.A. - Bound states in the continuum from the point of view of multipolar decomposition

10. Makarov S. - Halide perovskite based nanophotonics: from fundamentals to applications

11. Shtansky D.V. - Nanostructured materials for fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

Invited speakers (30 min)

1. Migas D.B. - Structural features and quantum confinement effects in thin films of Mg2Si and Ca2Si

2. Vakhrushev A.V. - Modeling the formation processes of multilayer nanosystems

3. Shamirzaev T.S. - Dynamic electron spin polarization

4. Tatsuoka H. - Synthesis of Si-based nanostructures from CaSi2 crystals using metal chloride powder, vapor and aqueous solution

5. Modin E. - 3D electron microscopy of nanomaterials

6. Terai Y. - Growth and optical properties of ternary iron silicides

7. Shimura Y. - Formation of group-IV polycrystalline alloys by crystallization control

8. Udono H. - Development of single crystalline Mg2Si substrate for Mg2Si SWIR sensor

9. Imai M. - Semiconducting ternary Si clathrates

10.Adiguzel O. - Shape Reversibility and Thermoresponsive Reactions in Shape Memory Alloys

11. Zuev D., Laser-assisted nanofabrication of nanophotonic security labels.

12. Zabotnov S., Femtosecond laser modification of GST225 thin films: ripples fabrication and reversible phase transitions.

13. Kulinich, S., Laser-Prepared Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing.

14. Kudryashov S., Stealth scripts: photoluminescent microcoding in bulk diamonds by ultrashort laser pules.

15. Kumar M. - Ultrafast Charge Carrier dynamics of topological insulators

16. Manshina A., Precision laser chemistry for functional metal and hybrid metal-carbon nanostructures.

17. Lazarev V., Ultrawideband antireflection microstructures for optical surfaces in the mid-infrared range.

18. Dostovalov A., Highly regular Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures Formed on Metals and Semiconductors.

19. Gruznev D.V., Pb-based low-dimensional structures on silicon.

20. Bondarenko L.V., Single layer nickel disilicide on surface and as embedded layer.

21. Gavrilov S.A. The role of low-dimensional effects in electrochemical synthesis of nanomaterials.