Sixth Asian School-Conference on Physics and Technology of Nanostructured Materials

Master Classes

Master classes will be organized and the opportunity to carry out research on modern equipment will be provided.


Scanning electron microscope Carl Zeiss Ultra 55+ with elemental analysis;

Thermo Scientific Scios 2 DualBeam scanning electron-ion microscope with elemental and structural analysis systems, electronic and ion lithography;

Atomic force microscope NtegraAura.

Sputtering and etching systems:

Omicron ultrahigh-vacuum sputtering system with magnetron sources;

Installation of ion-plasma etching Plasmalab 80 Plus.

Measuring installations:

Lake Shore Vibration Magnetometer 7410 VSM;

Magneto-optical Kerr microscope EvicoMagnetics;

System for measuring the spin Hall effect and magnetoresistance of nanostructures based on the Suss probe station X-ray diffractometer D8 Advance (Bruker).

High performance server for modeling magnetic materials in MuMax.

Detailed information about the equipment and methods on the website of the FEFU Shared Use Center (FEFU Center for Collective Use):

By prior arrangement, additional studies can be organized on the devices of the FEFU Center for Collective Use. Contact Ognev Alexey Vyacheslavovich